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Flooding patio

This job was to stop an area of the patio from flooding when it rained.

A previous contractor had installed a gully from a section of inadequate condenser pipe into a rainwater downpipe on the other side of the patio.

We lifted many slabs to create a channel for the new channel drain to sit and expose the old pipework. Once exposed, we found the bottom of the downpipe was bending back inside the property.

We removed the old gully and pipework and dug a new channel for the new pipework. We removed the old 90 bend and installed a t-piece complete with a reducer. Then laid approx 4m of channel drain across the back of the patio, all set in concrete and surrounded up to level.

We cut a 2.5” hole in the side of one of the channels and connected with a section of pipework, then connected in to the t-piece. Once connected, we surrounded pipework in concrete, then a bed of sharp sand and cement and we relaid the slabs and pointed in. Then reconnected the original rainwater downpipe into the new pipework.


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