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Re-route of storm water system

JDS Drainage - Re-route of storm water system

For this job we were instructed to re-route a storm water pipe that had collapsed underneath the building.

We carried out an excavation onto the existing clay pipe and dug a trench from the pipework to an existing storm water chamber.

Using machinery, we dug a trench to a suitable depth allowing for sufficient fall. Once complete and the chamber had been broken through, we connected new 100mm upvc pipework on to the existing clay pipework.

Once the new pipework had been laid and connected both ends, we then surrounded the it in 10mm shingle and proceeded to backfill and compact. Once the backfilling had been completed to existing levels we then laid a 100mm deep concrete cap ready for the tarmac finish which was laid to reinstate existing levels and finish.

JDS Drainage - Re-route of storm water system


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