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Drainage Replacement

JDS Drainage - Drainage Replacement

A run of approximately 9m of existing pitch fibre pipework needed to be replaced with new 100mm plastic pipe at our customer's property.

We carefully removed the existing slabs and used a small machine to excavate down to expose the existing defective pitch fibre pipe. All of the old pipework was removed, we laid the new 100mm upvc replacement and connected at both ends.

We then backfilled and compacted to existing levels and relaid the existing slabs on a new bed of sand and cement.

JDS Drainage - Drainage Replacement

Once the slabs had been laid a channel was then created by cutting 4” off the slabs against the property to prevent any damp from rainwater.

We laid a double layer of membrane inside the channel and filled to level with 10mm shingle.

To finish, we proceeded to repoint the area where all slabs had been lifted.


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