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Old Water Main Replacement

This job was to supply and install approx 45m of new 63mm poly main, due to the existing water main being in very poor condition and kept bursting, causing problems for this property and the property next door.

The trench for this new main had to dug by hand and at a minimum depth of 700mm. We connected on to the main stop clock using a Viking Johnson coupling and ran the new poly main up to a new fitted outside tap, having to replace an old existing t-piece with a new 63mm equivalent along the way.

Having this new t-piece fitted meant that we could also run a complete new feed in to the cottage next door. This was achieved by digging down both sides of a dividing wall and corering through using a 52mm core bit and drill, then digging a second trench through concrete up to the cottages new point of entry.

We then cored a second 52mm hole through the cottage wall in to the kitchen. Once holes had been drilled we connected a new 25mm main up to the new 63mm main and fed 25mm through the dividing wall along the new trench and into the kitchen, connected up onto a newly installed internal stop cock.

Once all connected and both mains fully installed we turned the water back on to test for leaks. After no leaks were found we surrounded the new mains in soft sand and caution tape, the proceeded to back fill and reinstate up to level on both trenches.


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